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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

csplit - Split a file into sections determined by Context

Summary :

Output pieces of FILE separated by PATTERN(s) to files `xx01', `xx02',..., & output byte counts of each piece to standard output. PATTERN(s) are Line Numbers or a Regexp.

Examples :
$ csplit myfile 10 40 80 -- 1st file contains 1-9 lines, 2nd 10-39 , 3rd 40-79 and 4th 80-EOF.

$ csplit myfile 10 10 80 -- Zero length file will be create for the 2nd parameter..

$ csplit -z myfile 10 10 60 -- Same as above. But Zero length file will NOT created

$ csplit myfile /foo/ -- Copy upto, but not the matching line and remaining in 2nd file.

$ csplit myfile %foobar% -- skip upto, but not the matching line
Read : man csplit

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