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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

who -- show WHO is logged on

Summary :

who prints the info (login name, terminal line, login time, and remote hostname or X display) abt abt each user currently logged on.
who uses /var/run/utmp file to know abt the current users.

Examples :
$ who -- Show who are all logged on.

$ who -H -- Show info with header.

$ who -m -- only hostname and user associated with stdin.

$ who -q -- Show currently logged username and count.

$ who -r -- Show the current run level.

$ who -s -- Short form.

$ who -T -- Add user's message status as +, - or ?

$ who -a -- Show all info.

$ who am i -- Your detail.

$ who mom likes -- !!?? :-)

$ who /var/log/wtmp -- Who has previously logged on.
Read : man who
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